A show which sits at the table opposite the absurdity of war

Written and interpreted by Babou Sanchez
Direction by Veronique Castanyer
Photo by Pauline Richon – Nèle Deflandre – Brendan Thomer

Lisbeth sits down for breakfast. She is playful and gourmet, and the tea and toast make her mouth water. But today her hands have decided to settle their accounts: they engage in armed conflict. Lisbeth finds herself imprisoned in the midst of the war her hands are fighting. But is the issue here not rather THE war, in all its might and horror?
What to do in case of conflict? Subject or actor? Lisbeth will attempt to live and survive this tsunami, so close and yet so far from her.



Duration: 30′
All audiences and ages
Capacity for public: 250
Performance for the street and theatre